WAMS Flexible Instruction Day (FID) Plan


As we move deeper into the winter months we are unfortunately bound to encounter additional snow storms and bouts of inclement weather. At this time the district is moving into use of FID (Flexible Instruction Days) days in the event of a school cancellation. As the district has done in prior years, FID days will be virtual instruction days for students and staff. Listed below are some important points of FID days that will help your learner be successful and make the most of the day. 




8:30- 9:30

Core 1 (Period 1 for 6th & 7th and  Period 3 for 8th)

9:35- 10:35

Core 2 (Period 2 for 6th & 7th and Period 4 for 8th)

10:40- 11:40

Core 3 (Period 3 for 6th, period 5 for 7th & 8th)

11:45- 12:45

Core 4 (Period 4 for 6th, period 6 for 7th & 8th)

12:45- 1:15


1:15- 3:00

Related Arts/ Specials push out asynchronous (not live) work.

Teachers are available for office hours, small group help, meetings, phone calls, etc.

Quick Bullet Points!

  • All learners will simply follow their daily schedule as they would in the building. Meaning, if their first core class in the building was Math, they would begin their virtual day with Math.

  • Google meet links will be shared with learners by the teachers.

  • All Core Academic Classes will be Synchronous (live).

  • There is no WIN or Braves Block class on FID days.

  • For the best learning experience please create an appropriate learning environment, if available, for your learner to focus on the class and the content. 

  • All learners are expected to be engaged and participate in the class with their cameras on. 

  • Please keep in mind that all school rules regarding language, dress code, etc. still apply in the virtual setting. 

Amount of Course Work Per Day

Learners should spend a similar amount of time on school work as they do on a typical school day. This would include the amount of time spent in class, as well as assignments completed at home. Learners are expected to participate in synchronous (live) instruction for all classes following the schedule provided above and work independently to complete any additional assignments. 


Flexible Instruction Days (FID) are school days. Therefore, the assignment completion policy will apply for FID days just as it does for days when learners are face to face. 

Academic Support

All teachers will host office hours from 1:15 - 3:00 pm for learners to log in and ask questions. Please encourage your learners to email their teachers for assistance!

Attendance Virtual Learning

Attendance will be taken during the live classes. Students are expected to be present at their classes in order to be considered present. Attendance during FID days and regular school days is extremely important for your learner to be successful!

Format of Instruction for FID Days

Teachers will provide instruction over the internet within a live format utilizing Go Guardian for 1:1 meetings and Google Meet for classroom meetings. WAMS will continue to use our learning management system, Schoology, to assign assignments to our learners.

Counselors/ Social Worker 

School counselors and mental health specialists will be available by email, phone, or Google Meet/GoGuardian to provide counseling services as needed.  Learners may email their counselor directly for support.

Special Education, Gifted Education, English Language Support, & 504s

If you were scheduled to have an IEP, GIEP, or 504 meeting for your child on a day that becomes a FID day, please contact your child’s case management teacher to confirm the meeting. 

Please refer to emails sent by your child’s special education or ESL teacher for specific information about special education programming. 


  • Please visit the WASD Technology Webpage for help on a variety of topics, including how to connect your child’s chromebook to your home wifi

  • If your child’s Chromebook isn’t working, please submit a tech ticket through the WASD Learner Help Desk. Your child will need to use another device to participate in the FID day.

  • For questions about classwork, please contact your child’s teacher via email.

  • For general questions or questions about attendance please contact the WAMS Main Office at 717-762-1191 Extension 1305.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and time in supporting your learners!