Dr. Kline Picture

Good afternoon WASD Families,
I hope you are having a fantastic summer and enjoying your time together.
There are a couple of things I’d like to share.  The first day of this coming school year for learners is Wednesday, August 25th.  In addition, the school board approved an updated Health & Safety Plan on July 20th.  You can find it on the District’s website linked in the 21/22-WASD COVID-19 pandemic resources and protocol information in the upper left hand corner.
Please understand that facemasks are optional in WASD Schools this coming year.  However, masks are required on all school buses according to federal law. 
WASD is excited to be offering learners and families a cyber-program comparable to cyber charter schools this year.  The cyber school is called “First Choice VIP”.  If you would like to know more, please visit the District website.  You can find information and resources by clicking on the First Choice VIP link at the upper left-hand corner. Dr. Tod F. Kline
Have a great rest of summer, and we look forward to seeing everyone on August 25th!

Dr. Tod F. Kline