Why choose Waynesboro Area Cyber School?

1. Students earn a Waynesboro Area Senior High School diploma

2. High-quality, district-approved curriculum-tuition-free

3. Full Access to District Resources of Waynesboro Area School District:

  • Guidance support by appointment

  • Participate in extra-curricular activities

  • Library by appointment

  • Easier reintegration with the District

4. Focused support to ensure student success

5. High expectations for all students

How Waynesboro Area Cyber School Leads the Way in Cyber Education.

1. Comprehensive orientation sessions provided to help each student get started on their coursework.

2. Classes are divided in Units, giving each student a clear understanding of weekly and daily expectations.

3. Engaging, online, district approved curriculum integrated with high-quality, multimedia lessons incorporated into each lesson.

4. Actively-involved teachers help guide student performance.

5. Weekly Progress reports can be generated at parent request.


WASD uses FVA as our online program for students in K-8th grade.

What is the Franklin Virtual Academy?

  • Provides self-paced online classes that are rigorous, interactive, multi-media rich, and aligned with national and PA Standards.

  • Customized educational path to challenge students and meet their needs.

  • Affords the option of enrollment in online and in-school classes at the same time.

  • Employs high-quality, PA certified instructors to guide students.

  • Delivers online content asynchronously through a secure, reliable, easy-to-use learning management system (Blackboard).

  • Supports learners in various ways, ranging from informal email messages and phone calls to live, face-to-face sessions.


WASD uses Apex Learning for students in 9th-12th grade.

What is Apex Learning?

  • Apex Learning digital curriculum prepares students for college, work, and life.

  • High-quality individualized engaging learning experience.

  • Supports critical instructional needs.

  • Students explore, apply, practice and extend their learning through real world examples preparing them for success in college and work.

  • Student centered learning, personalized instruction that puts the student at the center of their learning.

  • Apex Learning is the leading provider of blended and virtual learning solutions to the nation’s schools. The standards-based digital curriculum – in math, science, English, social studies, world languages, electives, and Advanced Placement – can be used for original credit, credit recovery, remediation, intervention, acceleration, and exam preparation.

For more information please contact Steve Lane at 717-762-1191 x1247.

WASD contracts for alternative education disruptive youth placements.

Local Level Complaint Process

AEDY Complaint Form (WASD)