Information regarding the balance remaining in a learner’s lunch account at the end of each school year is listed below:


Funds left in a learner’s lunch account will be available at the start of the new school year. If your child is moving to another building in the district, the balance will be transferred to the appropriate building.

If your child is moving from the Waynesboro Area School District and you would like a refund, please email rebecca_hess@wasdpa.org or call 717-762-1191 ext. 1208. If you are using MySchoolBucks and have automatic payments set up, please remember to turn that function off before requesting a refund.


Senior learners may request a refund from the cafeteria cashier the last week of school, if the balance is $5.00 or less. Refunds greater than $5.00 will be refunded upon the written request from the learner’s parent or guardian, and refund check will be processed.

If a graduating senior does not request a refund 5 days from graduation, the remaining balance will be transferred to a sibling. If the senior does not have a sibling, Food Service will contact the household regarding the balance. Asking if you would like the funds to be donated to our learners in need with negative balances, transferred to another account, or refunded.

All Learners:

All negative cafeteria charges must be paid in full before the end of each school year. Please see the Food Service webpage for information regarding the school district cafeteria Charge Policy.

Questions or concerns regarding this procedure may be directed to the food service manager, Ruth Helman at 717-762-1191 ext. 1171 or ruth_helman@wasdpa.org. You may also contact the kitchen manager at your learner's school for information regarding account balances.