The WASHS and WAMS SAP team is a group of individuals committed to helping students overcome barriers to learning, through a partnership with Healthy Communities Partnership. Parents, staff members, and other students can refer any WASHS and WASMS students for SAP services, which can include individual, confidential one-on-one meetings between a student and the Healthy Communities Partnership liaison with parental permission. The liaison will then provide to parents recommendations about other potential services which can help students cope with their own unique personal struggles to help students achieve their goals. For more information on this program and how it may benefit your child, please visit the Pennsylvania SAP website at, or contact any of the WASHS and WAMS SAP team members.

WASHS SAP team members are:

  • Emily Dickey, teacher

  • Emily Nystrom, teacher

  • Kylie Shaul, guidance counselor

  • Amanda Raudabaugh, guidance counselor

  • Tracy Bonebrake-Miller, teacher

  • Jenna Swailes, teacher

  • Deborah Brimer, school nurse

  • Joe Wetzel, WASHS probation

  • Alli Kopco, WASHS assistant principal

WAMS SAP team members:

  • Jamie Zimmerman

  • Pam Shoap

  • Beth Baer

  • Mike Bercaw

  • Holly Hess

  • Jess Bryan

  • Penny Kiser

  • Steph Reed

  • Kayla Heckman

  • Nicki Embly

  • Julie Shacreaw

  • Catherine Myers

  • Kirsten Pfannebecker

  • Corinne Haupt

  • Collette Rooney

The Elementary Student Assistance Program or ESAP provides supportive and confidential services to students and their families to meet their emotional, physical and academic needs in a collaborative and non-judgmental manner. ESAP team members are trained to identify barriers to learning, determine whether or not the presenting barrier lies within the responsibility of the school, and make recommendations to assist the student and the parent. When the problem lies beyond the scope of the school, the ESAP team will assist the parent and student so they can access services within the community. ESAP teams do not diagnose, treat, or refer children for treatment. Rather, they provide the parent with information and empower them to make the choices. All members of the team have been professionally trained including school staff and liaisons from community agencies. 

Summitview ESAP Team: 

  • Casey Hedrick 

  • Stacey Snowberger 

  • Kate Davenport Hooverville 

ESAP Team: 

  • Brittany Hess 

  • Linda Kriner 

  • Kate Davenport 

Fairview ESAP Team: 

  • Stacy McCole, 

  • Megan McGuire 

  • Heather Shatzer 

  • Cara Barnhart 

  • Jen Hoffman 

  • Lori Akers 

  • LeeAnn Rager Mowrey 

ESAP Team: 

  1. Rhoda Kohler 

  2. Mark Klink