School facilities may be used for activities promoting community interest and welfare at times not conflicting with regular school programs. Persons directly related to the work and promotion of the public schools, veteran, patriotic or other civic organizations observing national holidays may use these facilities without charge. Other area community organizations or groups may rent district facilities to conduct programs of social, educational, civic, recreational or cultural value. District facilities shall not be used at any time for the financial gain of any commercial enterprise, nor for the promotion of any philosophy or ideology. To assure timely processing, all applications should be submitted ninety (90) days in advance of requested usage date and submitted to the business office, to include a Certificate of Liability Insurance, as noted on the application. This application will then be submitted to the building principal and athletic director for approval.

Some general provisions are as follows:

  • organizations assume full responsibility for proper care and use of district property

  • only authorized school personnel may operate special school equipment

  • smoking or the presence of alcoholic beverages is not permitted by anyone at any time on school property

For more information contact Rebecca Hess at 717-762-1191 ext. 1208 or email: