Each cafeteria has a computerized point of sale system. All learners are given an identification card with their PIN (Student ID #) barcode to swipe at the keypad when purchasing meals and/or ala Carte items. A learner that does not have their identification card with the barcode with them, may use the keypad to enter the PIN, or can tell the cashier their PIN (Student ID #). Elementary learners should know their Student ID # or clearly state their Last Name and First Name to the cashier, if they do not have their identification card with the barcode on it.

Payment Options

Please remember there are no fees associated with using cash or checks! Make checks payable to WASD Cafe Acct.

  1. Cash on Account – money will be placed on your child’s account and can be used for meals and ala carte items.

  2. Pre-paid Meals Only – money will be placed on your child’s account for meal purchases only.

  3. Cash on Account and Pre-paid Meals – money will be placed on your child’s account for meals and ala carte items as specified on the envelope.

  4. Credit Card - Parents may choose to set up an account with My School Please see information regarding this service under the My School Bucks Tab. Note: remember there are fees associated with using My School Bucks. If using credit/debit cards or e-payments through My School Bucks, we would encourage you to make larger, less frequent transactions to reduce the amount of fees that you pay.

Payment Methods

  1. Send a check in a plain envelope clearly marked with learner's name, grade, pin number (student ID), and amount.

  2. Cash - Change will be placed on the learner's meal account.

Payment deposit boxes are located in each school near the office or main student cafeteria entrance. Envelopes are removed and entered daily. Payment can also be made through the line each day, however we ask payment be sent in a preprinted or clearly marked envelope for documentation. Checks are the preferred form of payment and should be made payable to WASD Cafeteria Account.  Credit and debit card payments can be made to  A small fee does apply when using My School Bucks.