Good morning,

The Sapphire Community Web Portal is now open.  A few tips as you navigate into the portal to see your learner's information.  This can be done by laptop, desktop, Chromebook, tablet or cell phone.  Please note, that the cell phone option may shrink your data down and you may have to scroll more to find information due to the smaller screen size.

To see your learner's homeroom teacher, you will select Student Information and that will give your learner's homeroom/classroom teacher for the year.

To see your learner's schedule (Grades 6-12), you can do one of two things:

Option 1: Select Current Schedule and change the date to August 24, 2022 and a colored schedule will populate.

Option 2: Select Courses and Grades and you will see an overview of your learner's courses for the year. 

**Please note, a list of courses and sections is only applicable to learner's in grades 6-12. Elementary learners in K-5 will not have a running schedule like our secondary learners do**

If you are unable to access the Sapphire Community Web Portal or if you have any questions, please reach out to your learner's school and the building secretary will be able to assist you. 

A reminder as well, transportation is still being finalized, if you do not see your learner's transportation information, it will be posted in the coming days and another Boro Blast notification will be sent out.

Have a great week!