Parking permit sales will take place August 8-10, 2022. August 8 is for members of the Class of 2023 ONLY. Juniors or seniors may sign up for a lot on August 9 or 10. Permits can be purchased by the learner, a family member, and/or friend. Please list the name of the learner and the name of the person purchasing the permit in the sign-up.

We have fewer than 200 parking spaces available for learners; therefore we will enforce the academic, discipline, and attendance guidelines. 

  • Click HERE to access the Parking Permit Guidelines.
  • Click HERE to access the Parking Permit Application. (You will need to print, complete, and sign this application BEFORE your appointment)
  • Click HERE to sign up for an appointment. NOTE - August 8, 9, and 10 are available on this sign up. Please ONLY sign up for a slot on August 8 if your child is a member of the Class of 2023. 


  1. Sign up for an appointment slot
  2. Make copies of the required documents (license or permit, valid vehicle registration, valid insurance card, completed (including parent/guardian signature), payment (cash or check payable to WASD). 
  3. This information can be given to a friend or family member who can come in to purchase your parking permit.
  4. If a friend/family member cannot come for an appointment, please drop these documents off at the WASHS office BEFORE Thursday, August 5. Your permit will be held in the office and can be picked up when you return. 

If you have any questions, please email Dr. McCallum at diane_mccallum@wasdpa.org. Thanks!