Blue Tornado

Receiving the title of “Coach of the Year” is not only a title of honor but a title of prominence. Four short words that hold so much respect. It’s amazing how someone can be so impactful toward others. It’s one thing when someone is told they have won an award for their ability to do something, but it's another thing when someone receives a title for being able to mold someone else’s abilities. A coach isn’t winning Coach of the Year because they are running up and down the court or field; they’re receiving this honor because of how they are able to bring out the best in their players in order to achieve greatness. 

Joshua Sprenkle has been coaching the Waynesboro Indians for 5 years. He has shown a love for this sport since he was a kid playing at his own high school. As a high school player, Sprenkle learned what it meant to be a good player, and it was in these early years of playing where he learned how to become a leader. He hopes that he is teaching the players that “football can carry you through some of life’s hardest challenges.” He learned that from his experiences as a player in high school and college and wants to pass that along. His evident love for the sport and love for his team shows in everything he has accomplished this season. Coach Sprenkle, alongside the other coaches, succeeded in helping the players win the first playoff game in Waynesboro football’s history. Making history was one of the most memorable moments of the season for Sprenkle. Besides that moment, some of his other favorite times on the field this year were triple overtime against Gettysburg and the last-second win against Mechanicsburg. These moments of success are what bring the team together and what give everyone a love for the sport. The players on the team all appreciate everything that Sprenkle has done for them. “He always has our back no matter what,” said Louie Lindsay, a senior on the football team. 

Thomas Hoffman, the basketball coach at Waynesboro High School, was another coach who received the honor of the title of “Coach of the Year.” Hoffman has been the Varsity head coach at the Waynesboro High School for 22 years. Before he coached, he also played. He knows what teamwork means from his experiences as just a young kid. He knows what it’s like to be a kid just wanting to play a beloved sport. As he played into college, he developed not only skills on the court, but skills off the court as well. His respect for everyone is evident from the second you meet Mr. Hoffman. The way he coaches is respected by everyone because of how he reaches the players. He’s impacted so many players and students at the high school. He has taught them morals that they carry into their careers after high school. Mr. Null, Mr. Hardman, and former player, Bryce Shaffer have all shared how much Hoffman has impacted them later on in life. Throughout his years of coaching, Coach Hoffman has pushed the basketball team to win over 200 games, and he continues to push his team “to be the best they can possibly be,” according to Jaylon Bean, a junior on varsity. He is a good coach, as well as a person. He is seen as a role model to the boys on the team. They learn how to be a good player and a good person. 

There’s nothing better than having a coach that teaches you respect and responsibility. Getting coach of the year isn’t something to shrug off. It’s one of the highest compliments that a coach can receive. Coach Sprenkle and Coach Hoffman deserve this high honor. They have shown leadership while pushing their players to be the best they could be. Congratulations Sprenkle and Hoffman on this accomplishment!!