Hello Class of 2022 families,

 Happy Scholarship Season! At WASHS, Scholarships are promoted in three ways:

  • WASHS Scholarship Website
  • Daily announcements at school (also posted in Sapphire Community Web Portal)
  • Emails to learners through their district account

Currently there are 17 local scholarships and 23 regional scholarships posted. 
A few Local Scholarships that do not require a specific major: 

  • Waynesboro College Club due March 23 
  • Waynesboro Lioness Club due April 1
  • The Connection Inc. due April 1 
  • Waynesboro Lions Club due April 15 
  • Waynesboro Rotary Merit and Thompson Memorial due April 15 and 16
  • Waynesboro Beneficial Fund due April 20
  • Rouzerville Lions Club due April 25
  • Andree Wilson Taylor due April 30 
  • Robert and Julia Johnston Award due April 30

Most scholarships range from $500 and up and often require a simple application form to apply. If your child needs help with any application, our College and Career Advisor, Ms. Jenna Rankinen is available for appointments during the school day and also after school. Please email her to set up an appointment! Please keep in mind that Ms. Rankinen can assist with local scholarships as well as those offered by the intended university.