Gymnast breaks record

At the first gymnastics meet of the season, Sophomore Jada Creager broke the event record for vault which was previously set by Liz Moyer on February 2, 2010. When asked how she felt to have broken the record, Creager said with enthusiasm, “I feel pumped!” Creager received a score of 9.800.

High school gymnastics is not the only thing Creager has been included in. She has been a part of the Rainbow Club Team in downtown Waynesboro for the past twelve years. Hardworking is obviously a word to describe Jada and she has always been committed to her sport and spends hours upon hours each week preparing for competitions. 

Creager is also a 3-sport athlete: she plays volleyball, is a full-time competitive gymnast, and runs track and field. This shows great time management and balance. Creager is very successful at all three sports. 

 The coaches are very proud of this accomplishment. Head Coach, Amy Dennis says, “I am very proud of her!” Hopefully, the gymnastics team can keep breaking records and thriving this year!