Blue Tornado

The Waynesboro Area Senior High School’s Homecoming took place on October 1st and 2nd. The football game took place on October 1st with the Waynesboro Indians beating the Greencastle Blue Devils 28-14. During halftime, the homecoming nominees came out on the field to find out who the homecoming queen was.

The nominees were Emily Channing, Ella Lowry, Madison Boltz, Hannah Knepper, and Jasmine Frasier-Hewitt. Their escorts were Noah Hege (XC), Dylan Byers (Golf), Jared Peck (Football), and Michael Black (Band). Jasmine Frazer-Hewitt was the winner along with her escort Michael Black. Each year the homecoming nominees are chosen in different ways. The homecoming queen nominees are chosen by teachers who decide based on academics, personality, respect, and extracurricular involvement. Their escorts are chosen by their coaches/teachers.

The homecoming dance took place October 2nd in the Charles Rip Engle Stadium and the theme was Night at the Carnival. The homecoming process was very quick. Student council advisor Mrs. Hardman said, “We only had two weeks on whether we were going to have a dance, so our process was very quick.”

The homecoming dance featured a photo booth, lawn games, three inflatables, a DJ, and rounded out to 646 attendees in total. “The dance had inflatables as an option because not everybody enjoys dancing, and they wanted to have other options for the underclassmen,” according to Mrs. Hardman. There were concession stands open for a classic carnival feel. They featured popcorn, and they even had an ice cream truck from Antietam Dairy stop by. There was an escape room featured, and it was a big hit. “We were hoping the escape room would be a good idea, and the feedback was better than expected,” stated Student Council President Emily Channing.

 Students and staff were asked if the dance was more enjoyable than previous ones. At Prom, all of the stadium lights were on, and it was a different experience than before, according to some prom attendees. “There was an environment that was different from prom,” said Senior Alexis Jones. Homecoming outside seemed to be a hit, and students seemed to enjoy it.

Some seniors enjoyed it more compared to Prom because it was a less restricted event. “Homecoming was better than Prom because we didn’t have to be masked, but the dance floor wasn’t the best because of how close everyone was, so there was a higher chance of possibly getting Covid,” according to Senior Abigail Rhine. It was less congested and was also a more calming environment. “I feel like there was more room for students to breathe, and I feel like it could become a good tradition,” stated Dr. McCallum, the school’s principal.