WASHS 12 Days of Holiday Cheer

As a fun countdown to Winter Break, WASHS Students and Staff are invited to participate in

“12 Days of Holiday Cheer''.

Week One

Monday, December 6th is Movie Monday: Wear your favorite Christmas movie shirt. 

Tuesday, December 7th is Toasty Tuesday: Put on your coziest sweater. 

Wednesday, December 8th is Disney on Ice: Dress up as a Disney character or wear Disney apparel.

Thursday, December 9th is Holiday Sock Day: Pull out your festive socks - fuzzy or crew.

Friday, December 10th is Flannel Friday: It doesn’t have to be Buffalo Plaid, all flannels are welcome. 

Week Two

Monday, December 13th is Christmas Vacation Day: Wear Hawaiian tees and other fun vacation garb. 

Tuesday, December 14th is Holiday Headwear: It might be a Santa hat, elf ears, or reindeer antlers - any headwear will do. 

Wednesday, December 15th is “Jingle Bells”: Go ahead and wear your cutest holiday jewelry and accessories. 

Thursday, December 16th is Candy Cane Day: Red and white clothing will be sweet. 

Friday, December 17th is Ugly Sweater Day: Find one in your closet or make your own, just make sure it’s festive and ugly.

Week 2.5

Monday, December 20th is Winter Wonderland Day: Winter-themed clothing is on the agenda for today. 

Tuesday, December 21st is Green and Red Day: Red Pants? Green socks? Striped sweater? There are so many ways to wear this color combo. 

Tuesday, December 22nd is Silent Night: Arrive on this half-day in your comfiest lounge pants.