Blue Tornado

Blue Tornado is a pretty interesting name to have as the name of school paper. When people think about news sources, words like “gazette” or “post” might come to mind. “Blue Tornado” probably doesn’t spark anyone until they’ve heard the story behind it. 

The mascot here at Waynesboro Area Senior High school has been an Indian for a very long time; long enough for people to assume that it’s always been the mascot. That would be the wrong assumption though because the old mascot used to be a blue tornado, hence the name of the newspaper. It was so interesting to find out that the mascot had been something else, and almost nobody knows about it unless they went to school at that time or did some extra research. This is why the name “Blue Tornado” for the newspaper felt perfect. It took a while to get the right name, but this one fit. After knowing the meaning behind the name, it’s a way for people to think back about how the school used to be and it’s quite a surprise for anyone who thought that Waynesboro has always been the Indians.