Homecoming 2021!

Please take note of the following important pieces of information regarding the Homecoming Dance:

  • The dance is for WASHS learners only, which includes those learning in-person and those enrolled in Apex. No guest tickets will be sold.
  • Masks and face coverings are optional, not required.
  • Learners must have paid all financial obligations and fines to the school before purchasing a ticket. You can check if your child owes money to the school in the Sapphire Community Web portal or you can email our building secretary, Mrs. Denise McCleaf at denise_mccleaf@wasdpa.org.
  • Before purchasing  ticket, learners must complete and submit a Dance Expectations Form and a COVID waiver form. Both are linked to this email, are available on the WASHS website, or can be picked up in the b-level office.
  • Student council is providing several other fun activities along with the dance.
  • Concession stands will be open with snacks and drinks available for purchase.
  • Homecoming dance tickets will be sold the week before the event.