WASD Mission, Vision, and Shared Values Statements

Mission Statement

Educate and Empower Students for Future Success

Vision Statement

Provide a wide variety of relevant, challenging educational opportunities to ensure students achieve their full potential.

Develop students who think critically, problem solve independently, accept responsibility, and demonstrate exemplary citizenship.

Connect school experiences to future expectations and expose students to a wide variety of career and educational opportunities.

Graduate students prepared to work, serve, succeed, and compete in a global society.

Shared Values

  • We believe all students are unique and have the ability to learn and succeed.
  • We believe students should have exposure to a diverse curriculum, including academics, the arts, and athletics.
  • We believe students learn best when educators utilize research-based, engaging teaching strategies.
  • We believe students should have access to emerging technologies within the school environment.
  • We believe a dedicated, knowledgeable, and well-trained staff is fundamental to accomplish our educational goals and ensure student success.
  • We believe families are fundamental to the learning process and learning is maximized when families and schools work together.
  • We believe supportive families ensure their children attend school regularly and come prepared to learn.
  • We believe collaboration and commitment within our school community is essential for the success of all students.
  • We believe our school community should be an environment that promotes independence, positive self-esteem, resiliency, and a sense of belonging.
  • We believe our school community should provide a safe and structured environment that encourages responsibility, initiative, and excellence.