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Hello, everyone!

 It has been some time since my last COVID-19 video.  There really wasn’t a lot to report at that time.  However, parents recently have asked about the videos, and I appreciate that; so, I will continue to provide updates periodically. 

  • As far as information on COVID-19, WASD has had one adult positive case at Summitview Elementary over the last two weeks.  We have seen a slow decrease in positive cases and quarantine numbers.  I just ask that we do not let our guard down.  We will celebrate our 100th Day of School during the 2020/21 School Year.  In order to make it through the rest of the school year, I ask you to please continue to follow the protocols:
    • Everyone entering a school or district building must wear a mask.  The state requires Waynesboro to do so.
    • If your child has symptoms as a headache, nausea, cold-like symptoms, extreme fatigue, no taste or smell, please keep him or her home and contact your medical professional.
    • We know the quarantining and other protocols have been difficult, but we believe it has been a significant reason we have been able to remain in school for so long.
    • One final pandemic note… If the Dept. of Health moves Franklin County to a Moderate Level from a Substantial Level, the district will not be held to the Attestation Agreement.  The agreement is only in place when the county is in a Substantial Level.
  • On another note, we are beginning to use remote learning for severe inclement weather.  If the conditions do not warrant holding school in person, WASD will go virtual on those days when possible.  We just ask for your patience as we work through this process.  It is our hope to continue remote learning on inclement weather days depending on the state’s future expectations.
  • Thank you for being supportive during this very difficult school year.  Our teachers, support staff, administrators and school board have stepped up to make sure our learners have had educational opportunities this year when many other school districts have not. Although we still have over three months of school to go, it has taken everyone to make this school year possible. 

Thank you, stay healthy, and #borostrong

Dr. Tod F. Kline
Superintendent of Schools