09-08-20 - Message from Dr. Kline - Superintendent

Good Morning Waynesboro Families,

As of today, September 8, 2020, there is one case of COVID-19 among the WASD students.  There is none among the WASD staff.

A Waynesboro Middle School student was confirmed to have tested positive for COVID-19.  The confirmed student and those considered by the Department of Health to be Exposed have been notified and are quarantining/isolating.  

Please understand that these numbers reflect those students and staff that are physically in our schools.  Students who are in cyber schools, private schools, virtual schools as APEX, FVA or our Hybrid, are not included in these numbers.  Only those attending our schools.

Those people the Department of Health considered Exposed must have been within six feet and 15 minutes or more of a Confirmed case.   If your child is quarantined due to being Exposed to a Confirmed case or a family member testing positive, the Department of Health recommends to isolate him/her from others in the family.  This lowers the risk of others contracting the disease.

We will continue to update everyone, and ask for your patience.  In addition, if your child shows symptoms as sneezing, coughing, chills, fever, muscle or body aches, nausea, and/or difficulty breathing, please keep him or her home.  

Have your child wash hands regularly and wear face coverings.  If we follow these recommendations, we can have a much more successful school year.

Thank you, stay healthy and #BoroStrong.