WASHS Course Selection Information for the 2024-25 School Year

Dear Families, 

WASHS Administration and Staff are committed to educate, empower, and support your learner on their path towards their First Choice career path upon graduation from WASHS.

Our goal is to provide a personalized educational experience for all learners in order to meet their academic interests, their social and emotional needs, and their post-high school goals. We understand that making course selection decisions and identifying post-graduation goals can be a challenge. Therefore, we encourage you to review this Course Selection Guide with your child. Our Administrative team, faculty and staff are here to assist you in this endeavor.

Course selections should be made with an intentional focus on post-high school goals such as college, military service, and/or entry-level employment opportunities. A personalized academic and career education plan will provide the essential direction and preparation you need to navigate through high school and your life after high school. We encourage learners to select courses that are appropriately challenging, relevant to learners’ interests, and aligned to the career cluster in which your learner’s First Choice plans lie. While a learner’s plan can be modified at any time, it is recommended that initial planning encompass the four years of high school and beyond.

On behalf of the administration, faculty, and staff, I welcome the Class of 2028 to the high school and wish each learner success during the 2024-25 school year. 


Diane A. McCallum, Ed.D.

WASHS Principal

Overview of Block Schedule

Video Overview of Block Schedule

Notes about the Block Schedule

  • Students who attend FCCTC will be able to schedule any course offered in the semester they are at WASHS, including world language and honors classes.

  • Learners who qualify will be able to schedule study hall and eligible seniors may not be scheduled for a full in-building schedule. NOTE: seniors who do not have a full in-building schedule but will be present will be assigned to study hall.

WASHS Block Schedule

  • 1 Credit Courses

    • Band, Choir, Level I World Language, and AP classes will be offered as a single for the full school year (e.g., Single period 1a from 7:35-8:15 am)

    • All other 1 credit classes will be offered for one block for one semester.

  • 0.5 Credit Courses will run for a single period for one semester

Please follow the links below for relevant information and documents needed for course selection.

2024-25 Course Selection Guide

Course Selection Timeline for 2024-25

  • Grade level counselors will conduct classroom lessons the week of February 26, 2024.

  • Counselors will work with students in small groups or individually to enter their course requests. This will begin in mid-March.

  • Our goal is for all learners to complete course selection entry by mid-April.

  • Reverse verification allows students and families can see the selected courses. Reverse verification is done through the Sapphire Community Web Portal; a BoroBlast will be sent out when this is available to be viewed in the portal.

  • The WASHS Schedule is built on students' course requests and therefore changes each year.

  • Schedules for 2024-25 will be posted in early August. Once schedules are posted there is limited availability for schedule changes.

Course Selection Overview Presentations

Please contact your child's grade level school counselor if you have any questions.

WASHS Graduation Requirements

PDE Graduation Requirements:
Act 158 of 2018 (Video)

WASHS Requirements Summary Document
(beginning with Class of 2028)

Please contact your child's grade level school counselor for additional details, requirements for students who attend CareerTech, and other questions.

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is the opportunity for students to take college courses while also enrolled at WASHS. Many post-secondary institutions offer discounted tuition for high school students.

Visit the PA Transfer and Articulation Center Website to learn about how Dual Enrollment credits and AP Courses may transfer to other institutions.

Summer Semester, 2024

Credit Advancement is the ability for learners to take additional courses in order to complete a prerequisite for a course, schedule a study hall during the school year, graduate early, etc…
NOTE: $50 refundable deposit is due
May 1 - 15. Deposit will be returned in full so long as course(s) is completed by July 31, 2024.

Credit Recovery is the opportunity for learners to retake required courses where a failing grade was initially earned. NOTE: Students must complete the entire credit recovery course to earn the credit.

Click HERE to access the Summer Semester Application.

Cooperative Education &
Career Exploration

Internship and work experience options to explore career pathways are available to WASHS seniors.

Click THIS slide for an overview and program contact information.

Click THIS link to access the Cooperative Education Student Resource Guide.

Class of 2028 Course Selection Presentation

Ms. Amanda Eddy, school counselor

Mr. Martin Bigler, asst. principal

Class of 2027 Course Selection Presentation

Mrs. Pamela Shoap, school counselor

Dr. Allison Kopco, asst. principal

Class of 2026 Course Selection Presentation

Mr. Luke Leidy, school counselor

Mr. Martin Bigler, asst. principal

Class of 2025 Course Selection Presentation

Mrs. Cristal Mendez-Murphy, school counselor

Dr. Allison Kopco, asst. principal

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