Listed below are a few websites that can help in your search for information about different careers.

Career One Stop : Explore careers, salaries, and educational opportunities across the USA

Occupational Outlook Handbook : Research careers by title find average salary, number of job openings, required education for each job

PA Career Zone : Free career assessments, up to date information on Jobs in Pennsylvania, budgeting tools customized to cost of living in various parts of Pennsylvania

PA Career Link : PA job seeker tool to help individuals find local job postings

Career/Interest Assessments

O*Net : This is a great free tool that student's can use to help them learn more about different careers in a simple & visually pleasing manor. It's not like other career websites which can be incredibly confusing and wordy. It has an Interest Inventory quiz which students can take that will match their interests to careers. Click the link to be directed to the Interest Assessment to get started. (Note that the website does not save your information once complete, so you will need to write down the results/options or print them for later use).

Interview Help

  • Know the company you are applying for. What is their mission? What is the company culture? How will you fit in to the workplace?

  • Keep eye contact with your interviewer

  • Have confidence! (But not too much)

  • Have questions ready for your interviewer

  • Prepare answers to common interview questions. Don't know what the typical interview questions entail? Check out this webpage

  • Back of your answers with examples. Ex) how you were a leader, how you overcame a challenge, etc.

  • Dress to impress!

  • Schedule a mock interview with your College and Career Adviser to help prep you.

Need Resume Help?

Here are some free resources to get you started:

What to put on a resume as a high school student

  • Use Google Docs or Word for a free resume template!

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