Regular attendance at school is essential for all students. However, should absence from school become necessary due to a student's illness, family death, serious illness, or injury involving the student's family, family activity contributing to the student's knowledge, or attendance at ceremonies granting honor to an immediate family member, the absence will be considered "excused"

On the day the student returns to school, parents should send a written note stating the date and reason for the absence. When no excuse is received within three days of return, the absence is considered illegal. The law requires a notice of illegal absence be sent to the parent following the third day of such illegal absence and for each subsequent unexcused day.

High school students in vocational home economics or agriculture will be excused to attend fairs and other vocational activities if accompanied by a teacher. Parental requests are necessary for other district students to attend farm show, fairs, or functions sponsored by community organizations. Prior parental requests are necessary for students wishing to be excused to observer religious holidays or to take part in educational family excursions. Students must assume full responsibility for any work missed during their absence. Parents or students must request major test makeups within three days following the return to school.

Act 29, enacted by Governor Ridge on November 17, 1995, strengthened the school district's ability to work with District Justices to enforce truancy policies. Truancy, the illegal or unexcused absence from school, violates the attendance policies of the Waynesboro Area School District. If convicted of truancy, a parent, guardian, or person acting as the parent of a child can be subject to any or all of the following sentences:

  • Payment of a fine not exceeding $300, plus costs

  • Required community service for a period of up to six (6) months

  • Completion of a mandatory parenting education program

Failure to pay truancy fines or complete assigned community service or parenting education programs can result in a jail sentence for the parent or guardian for a period not to exceed five (5) days. Under the law, school district attendance officers and state and municipal police officers are given full police power and may arrest or apprehend any child who fails to attend school in compliance with the provisions of Act 29.


A Saturday School for students who are chronically tardy or truant is in place at all levels. It focuses on the development of organizational and time management skills, and the development of self direction and self confidence.

The Outreach Program is a 10 hour after school program designed for those students who are not successful in the Saturday School Program. It is held on four consecutive school days after dismissal.