WAMS utilizes an economy system called Braves Bucks. Each student is given an allotment of Braves Bucks at the beginning of the school year. Students will also receive a few bucks during the month of their birthday.

Students can earn additional Braves Bucks for displaying positive behavior. Any staff member can give Brave Bucks at their discretion. Example of rewarding for positive behavior can include:

- Helping another student or helping a teacher
- Having the highest grade on an assignment or test
- Entire class turning in an assignment on time
- Major improvement on an assessment or positive classroom behavior

Students can spend Braves Bucks when they do not have an item that they may need. Examples include:

- Forgot locker key (1 Braves Buck)
- Unprepared for class (1 Braves Buck)

Students can save their Braves Bucks and use them to purchase incentives. Incentives may be added throughout the year.

- Student Planner = 10 Braves Bucks (or $5)
- Hall Pass Page = 1 Braves Buck (or .25)
- Monthly reward lunch = 20 Braves Bucks
- Items from the school store (prices vary)
- Homework Pass = 5 Braves Bucks
Purchased in advance from the office. Teachers may use their discretion in accepting homework passes for assignments. Students may use NO MORE than 3 homework passes in a course per marking period.