Students who arrive by bus will enter WAMS through the rear of the building. Students who walk or arrive by car will enter the main entrance of the building. These are the only two entrances.

Arrival Information:All students who eat breakfast at WAMS will report directly to the cafeteria. Sixth grade students will also report to the cafeteria. Eighth grade students who do not eat breakfast will report to the auditorium; seventh grade students will report directly to the gym. All students will be dismissed to their first period class at 7:30 am. All teachers should assist in monitoring the halls. Students should not loiter prior to the 7:38 am bell.

Dismissal Information:
All students will be dismissed by the bell from their Braves Block class at 2:25 pm. Students not riding a bus may not be in the bus area. They must exit the building and proceed to Second Street to walk home. Students who are staying after school must immediately report to the room of that teacher. They may not leave the building and then come back in. Students staying after and need to utilize the Activity Bus will follow the following departure times:

3:00 - Mowrey - Bus No. 56
3:05 - Summitview - Students will walk
3:05 - Fairview - Bus No. 16
3:10 - Hooverville - Bus No. 2

Students who are riding the activity bus to the elementary schools will follow all school rules on the elementary bus route to their home. Students will sit in available seats determined by the school bus driver on the elementary route.