We are so excited with our amazing start to the school year!  We are focusing the start on social emotional learning and our Whole Child goal as part of WASD's First Choice vision.  To that end, we have worked hard to make our large school feel a little smaller by creating our school NEST, K-5 Houses, and K-2 or 3-5 family groups within each house.  We are using the Fairview Nest as our play on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood to remind our learners that we are all one community (#ItsABeautifulDayInTheFVNest).  

We then have six "Houses" within the Nest representing the Project TEAM foundations of Anti-Bullying, Helping Others, Positive Change, Problem Solving, Resiliency, and Leadership (#6Houses1FVNest). The houses have learners from all grade levels and all homerooms so learners make connections they may not make otherwise.  Houses sit together at lunch, greet each other in hallways, and will be participating in monthly activities around a different foundation each month.  They also wear their house color on Tuesday's to show house pride.  It's a beautiful sight throughout the building.  

To make the school even smaller and ensure tighter connections, each house is broken down further into family groups of 15-20 learners.  These families span K-2 or 3-5 and will meet twice a month to learn social emotional skills and discuss concerns and ideas for success. This also gives learners a chance to connect to more adults throughout the building as all teachers are acting as family leaders and facilitating lessons and discussions. 

Combining all of this with Morning Meetings in every classroom and a focus on restorative justice and trauma informed best practices truly means #ItsABeautifulDayInTheFVNest.  Please reach out and let us know what YOUR learner thinks of everything and how we can help them feel even more connected to their school, their class, and their peers. Thank you for all you do to support our Falcon Neighborhood!  




Mrs. Megan McGuire