Organizations, private individuals, and the colleges and universities to which a student is admitted are all possible sources for scholarships. Students should fill out all paperwork that their college requires to be considered for the scholarships offered there.

Types of Aid

Some scholarships are “Need-Based”. This means money offered to the student is based on financial need. Financial need is typically determined by the parents tax records and/or the FAFSA.

Some scholarships are “Merit-Based”. This means money offered to the student is based on things the student has accomplished such as good grades/GPA; community service; or recommendations for other qualities.

Local Scholarships –The Counseling Office acts as a middleman for these scholarships and provides information and applications for each one. For scholarships that do not have an on-line application, students must come to the Counseling Office and look in the “Scholarship Bin” to find the application. Some scholarships require you to turn the application in to our office and for other scholarships you must mail in the application yourself. Scholarships will not be accepted after the deadline.

 Click here for local scholarships

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National/Regional Scholarships – The list of National and Regional Scholarships found on this page are posted for your convenience. The Counseling Office has no further information on these scholarships. You must go to the websites provided for more information and applications. After you check our list of National Scholarships you may want to go to one or two of the following websites for listings of thousands of national scholarships. 

These scholarships have been compiled by the Counseling Office of WASHS as a courtesy to our students. It is the responsibility of the individual student to gather scholarship information and follow through with the application process by checking the district website frequently. While we make every attempt to ensure the accuracy of these lists, we cannot be responsible for any changes or amendments that are not listed.