It is difficult to believe but as the second marking period moves forward and the Holidays approach I must give our students here at WAMS credit for their hard work and wonderful attitudes. Our students have truly done an amazing job in their academics. We have also had the pleasure to watch out students grow socially and emotionally as well as they work through their middle school year into adolescence. If your student is struggling or you have some concern please never hesitate to contact their teachers, counselors or myself for a meeting and opportunity to create a plan for your student’s success this year.

Support is a crucial part of finding success as a middle school student. We as parents must always ask ourselves how we are supporting our own children in promoting success. The following are a few simple bullet points to ask and reflect on.

  • Do we have a clearly established routine? Daily routines are keystones of success in setting our own children up to meet the challenges of the day. Specifically, morning and nightly routines (think bedtime routines, wake up routines, dinner, breakfast, etc.) are worth noting.
  • Daily attendance is of paramount importance! To be successful your student has to be here to learn. Please encourage and stress the importance of daily attendance.
  • Interest and support in your student’s daily life at school is an important driving factor of success. Be sure to ask specific questions about school to your student and build discussion around these questions. Ask what they are learning every day!
  • Stress the importance of positive peer groups! A student’s friends play a significant factor into the person and student they will become. Please stress the importance of surrounding yourself with positive, hardworking friends.
  • Social Media awareness is another critical area. Please discuss appropriate usage of social media with your students. In my experience a vast majority of social issues can be avoided completely with common sense, appropriate use of technology/social media.
  • Attend parent meetings! WAMS has several parent forums throughout the school year. Parent opinion, input, and ideas are extremely valuable!
  • If you have a concern or feel the need to report an issue, please never hesitate to contact the office! Also, meetings with your student’s team of teachers is always just one phone call away!
  • Check the Parent Access Portal and Schoology accounts often! There is a ton of great information on these sites all specific to your student’s current grades and assignments.

A little about me:

My name is Eric DeAngelis and I am honored to serve as the Assistant Principal at WAMS. I am a graduate of Altoona Area Senior High School and I earned my Bachelor's degree from Shippensburg University and my Master's degrees from the University of Scranton. I have served as an ELA and ELL teacher for several years in City of York School District and Central Dauphin School district in all secondary grade levels. I was previously an Assistant Principal in Central Dauphin School District for several years before having the opportunity to join the Waynesboro Area School District. My wife is a teacher in the district and I am a father of two children, a boy and girl. I am dedicated to ensuring that all students attending WAMS (and the district) have opportunity to partake in a rigorous and engaging academic experience that will prepare them for their First Choice out of high school. I am again honored to serve the students and families at Waynesboro. Please never hesitate to contact me with any question or concern you may have.

Thank you!